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– The other day a very large truck had to come into my lane to maneuver a curve on Capelton Road – not an intersection just a small curve – he almost hit me in my vehicle and cyclists. In the winter another large truck was not able to make the hill on 108 just leaving NH and started rolling backwards – again very dangerous and finally a gas truck could not navigate the corner from Capelton to 108 right in the heart of the village. It’s not safe.

– We live on Rue Capelton aka Route 108 and the trucks drive so fast and recklessly that we are actually afraid to cross the street to get our mail. On top of that, they are loud and wake us up very early in the morning, and sometimes in the middle of the night.

– For many years out neighbour and we have put small SLOW signs at our front gardens, because the traffic (especially trucks in a hurry) often is fast and doesn’t stop for pedestrians at the crossing where the sidewalk changes side in chemin Magog. With small children frequently using this crossing in the spring and summer months this is a real problem and could easily cause a major tragedy. Please reduce the speed limit into the village and restrict large vehicles “passing through.”

– Reduction of number of especially 18 wheelers, including loggers, which take this road to avoid scales. This for speed, noise and safety

– Heavy trucks have no business in downtown North Hatley. When someone gets hurt, which is inevitable, the Town will wish it had acted sooner to ask the province to exclude certain large heavy trucks from travelling on Route 108 (Capelton Road and Magog Road). Please act quickly to stop this type of truck traffic

– Évidemment, il faut devoir traverser le chemin Magog pour aller à l’eau, ou l’emprunter pour aller au village comme le font à tous les jours mes filles de 10 et 13 ans, à pied et en bicyclette, pour comprendre l’importance de ces demandes raisonnables et importantes. As a father, I shouldn’t have to worry about the speed of the cars or the size of the trucks in a small, beautiful village like ours when my two daughters, 10 and 13, ride their bikes to go to the park or to the tennis club. But I do, every day when they leave the house. Please listen to us.

– strongly support this petition regarding new regulations on Rt. 108 through the village

– I live on the corner of Vaughan and Capelton. Hundreds of bicycles cross at that intersection (including families with small children). Considering the speed with which vehicles (trucks, cars and motorcycles) descend the hill, it is a miracle that nobody has been killed.

– Between the noise from large trucks, motorcycles, speeding cars, something needs to be done.

– Reducing speed is unlikely to be effective without enforcement measures. I support such measures, both for the village and for the Township.

– make the route through NH as undesirable as possible for truck traffic in order to maintain the tranquility of this town.

– My family of 4 are US citizens from Massachusetts and have been vacationing every summer in our family cottage at 4200 Magog Road for over 60 years (until COVID). Along with all our neighbors there, we are definitely negatively affected by the truck traffic through town along Magog Road. Noisy, dirty, and unsafe, the trucks impact our enjoyment there daily. We respectfully urge you to enact and enforce controls to eliminate the unnecessary truck traffic.

– This situation is also a problem on our side of the river compounded by the hill causing more engine breaking noise. We must stop conversations while trucks are passing. Speed of all types of vehicles continues to be concerning with new families with young children now living here on rue Sherbrooke. Only trucks necessary for village commerce should be permitted.

– M. le maire,

– This action is long overdue. There are many children now cross these roads as a result of a shift of their parents working from home and spending more time in their cottages or homes. Having trucks barging down country roads is dangerous and detracts from the value and experience of the town.

– chemin Capelton – I would love to see a similar petition to reduce the speed on Capelton to 70km/hr outside of the village. The speed of traffic is often above the 90km/hr limit, and there is increasing pedestrian and cyclists use of the road (not to mention the continued presence of deer). The 90km/hr speed limit does not reflect the changes in use of the road in the past 20 years (many more residential addresses; many more cyclists).

– Initiatique parfaite Deuxième pétition à cet égard!! C’est une question de sécurité!!!!!

– Réduire la vitesse

– La répétition des plaintes depuis des années confirme le malaise profond installé au sein des citoyens du village quant à leur sécurité ainsi que celle des piétons et cyclistes. J’ai pu voir de nombreuses manœuvres dangereuses de camions et d’automobilistes impatients mettant la sécurité de tous à grand risque sur ce chemin étroit; attendre signifie risques d’accidents et de morts potentielles. Il est temps d’agir et de prendre la responsabilité sérieusement d’une réalité envahissante non seulement dans les déplacements quotidiens mais aussi du bruit infernal des camions qui circulent. On doit prendre des actions concrètes rapidement et ce sans grands investissements. Merci d’appuyer activement cette initiative.

– As a summer resident and avid bicyclist, Route 108 has become over the years of a dangerous and noisy road. Trucks should use the new much larger and safer Rte. 410.

– The roads are a mess from the trucks and my car has been damaged from the pot holes that have not properly been filled. The trucks speed through town and are unsafe and disturb the community.

– Having a cottage, in North Hatley, I agree that this current situation need to change

– Thank you, this is vitally necessary and long overdue. It would be even better to reduce speeds on all roads in the village to 30 km/h as did Ste. Catherine de Hatley and as is customary in residential areas worldwide. Thank you!

– Reroute the damn trucks! It’s a danger for my young children!

– .. at the junction of ch. Magog (108) and ch. Université .. the noise generated from trucks speeding along the 108 towards North Hatley is unbearable.

– La route 108 passe par un quartier très résidentiel de North Hatley, ayant des deux cotes des maisons familiales. Ces camions sont tres bruyants et dangereux et, lorsqu’il existe une alternative valable, il est inadmissible que ceux-ci roulent dans le village. SVP imposez-donc un nouveau parcours. La qualité de vie en sera très ameliorée.

– It is terrifying to witness the speed at which some trucks come careening down the hill to barely come to a screeching halt at the sign. There should definitely not be any through traffic of heavy trucks through North Hatley.

– it is more than about time this very serious and dangerous situation be addressed I AM ALL IN!

– I am fully devoted to this cause If I can contribute in any way, I will.

– Keeps the trucks off route 108

– It is critical to stop the onslaught of trucks coming into our village. Noise, speed & safety

– Way too many trucks, not just 108, but especially those using 143 instead of 55. Most Quebec municipalities have reduced maximum speeds to 40 on major thoroughfares, and to 30 on minor streets.

– There is significant truck traffic on our steep road as well.

– The narrow and winding road with insufficient width allowances for pedestrians and cyclists is unsuitable and dangerous with current fast-moving commercial truck traffic and the noise and exhaust disrespects the bucolic nature of the Village of North Hatley.

– Beaucoup de camions passent. La vitesse des véhicules devant notre maison est beaucoup trop grande. C’est dangereux de sortir de chez nous. 40 km/h serait indiqué

– These trucks threaten the beauty, tranquility and uniqueness of North Hatley. They are an obscene presence and should not be allowed to pollute the air and disturb the peace.

– Why designate a one of “Les Plus Belles villages du Québec” a truck route?

– Oui. Il est temps que ce beau village retrouve un minimum de paix.

– La sécurité et la qualité de vie des résidents et résidentes est primordiale.

– Reduce number of trucks passing through village

– it is crazy to have huge trucks zooming down the streets of a lakeside village

– Traffic on our section of Route 108 with houses and driveways on both sides is particularly dense – the roadway is narrowed by cycling lanes on both sides, no room for sidewalks; there are also municipal garages on both sides,; a fire station; a church; the main village parking lot; the Farmers market traffic on Saturday; the cycling lane on both sides of the road which bikes must share with joggers, walkers and their dogs and/or kids; a crossing for bikes and pedestrians into the parking lot; a commercial garage; and all of this near a curve which blocks sight lines to the intersection at the lake, with a park, Magog Rd and Main (bridge to village centre) just beyond the curve. And many motorcycles use this road to come into our village, and locals exit and return by this road to commute to our nearest big towns, Sherbrooke or Magog. Putting an 18-wheeler or any large truck into this mix is sheer recklessness.. We need to insist that this section of route 108 is not safe for large trucks. Local deliveries to the grocery store must be allowed, but speed limits must be reduced.

– Too many big trucks rushing along our street

– Yes! I have lived on the road for almost 50 years & the situation is dire with no sidewalks, increasing bike, pedestrian traffic. Heavy, large trucks & speeding cars, motorcycles in the mix are a recipe for predictable accidents.

– Bonne chance avec nos marionnettes politiques. Ils ne sont pas concernés par nos inconvénients. La meilleure solution est d’établir un péage pour les véhicules lourds qui ne font que passer par North Hatley. 5.00 par camion ou attendre 15 minutes. Ils vont faire le détour… Time is money…

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Judith LeBaron
Judith LeBaron
1 year ago

I absolutely agree with all the comments posted today.
It seems odd to me no one has yet mentioned the packs of motorcycles, sometimes 30 or more at a time, that speed up ch.Magog, mostly on weekends, no mufflers and WAY over the speed limit.
I and others have been complaining about this for years. Town limits are at the TOP of he hill.
In the almost 35 years I have had a home on Magog Road, I have NEVER seen a cop car stop even one speeding motorcycle on this long and steep hill that is within town limits. Frankly, I’ve wondered if they were afraid of them!
Why have our complaints to Town Council been ignored for so long? No one can possibly be oblivious to the situation. The noise is just too deafening!
And what about the cyclists? That stretch of Magog Road doubles as a Bike Path!
Judy LeBaron

Michael Grayson
Michael Grayson
1 year ago

I entirely agree with all comments that have been posted. In addition, I’d like to make two points.

Trucks do indeed cause huge damage to our roads. In the case of municipal roads, we the citizens bear the brunt of the repair bill.
For Route 108, we see many spots needing repairs, which the Transport Ministry is slow to do.
One fact that few people know is that the passage of one heavy truck is equivalent to the passage of about 2,500 cars, in terms of the damage it causes to roads (US Transportation Research Board)..
Cars cause virtually no damage, the cost of building adequate roads is entirely based on the needs of trucks.
Given that the very popular bike trail from Sherbrooke ends at Vaughan Road, a lot of cyclists must use the narrow shoulders of Highway 108 (Capelton Road) for about 1 km until they reach the entry to Riverside Park.
There are obstacles, large road drains, potholes etc that force them to wander from the road edge. This is a provincial responsibility to take action before a fatal accident occurs.
Solutions include widening the bike lane, eliminating obstacles and lowering traffic speed. The ultimate solution would be to reroute the bike trail down the east side of the river from the dam southwards.

Judith LeBaron
Judith LeBaron
1 year ago

Re our Town Council’s request today asking North Hatley citizens to notify the police if we have a complaint re law enforcement, I would like to point out that when it comes to speeding infractions by dozens of motorcycles without mufflers, not to mention speeding cars, this is not helpful advice. By the time the police arrive, the speeders could be as far away as Granby!

If it would be helpful, police in a police cruiser would be more than welcome to park in my Magog Road driveway almost any weekend. All they need do in advance is to call me or knock on my door to ask.

Sunny, warm weekend days are the worst for loud speeding vehicles of all kinds. It is also the time when most tourists are visiting our town including cyclists and walkers along those parts of Magog Road that have no sidewalk. Not only is it horrible for the tourists, it is horrible for the people who live on or near Magog Road. There are a lot of us!

Judy LeBaron
North Hatley