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MRC Meeting Update – English Version

Dear Friends,
At the public consultation held on January 8, 2015 regarding project 13-14 amending the floodplain zone of North Hatley, the MRC agreed to post on its website the briefs presented. In fact, a written request must be submitted to obtain digital copies, while paper copies are available (with the necessary delays) for a fee.
We decided, therefore, to post these four highly informative briefs (a must read!). Please see links below. They were presented by:
1. Hugh Gwyn, PhD in glacial geology, researcher, professor and consultant in hydrogeology, who demonstrates, using scientific data, maps and historical pictures that the revised map proposed by the MRC is technically inadequate, shows a lack of scientific rigor and could give rise to serious urban planning mistakes.


2. Michael Grayson, a member of the Quebec Order of Engineers with a diverse background in urban and regional planning, who demonstrates through historical and scientific analysis, complete with pictures, that the flood zone allows the evacuation of excess water during periods of intense flooding. Back filling the site for development would eliminate this historic overflow safety valve.


3. Nicole Benoit, PhD, professor and head of a graduate program at the University of Sherbrooke, who raises environmental, human and economic concerns surrounding a residential project in a flood zone, while underlining the importance for elected officials to adapt future policies in light of climate change.


4. René Doucet, attorney, who cites the Civil Protection Act (Chap.S-2.3) which aims to protect persons and property against disasters, including floods, and calls on the MRC to specify how it intends to implement this law. He examines the consequences of climate change and stresses the need to undertake a serious study of the risks associated with the construction of a housing complex in the flood zone.


You can help the cause by reading the briefs, sharing them with others and addressing your comments and questions directly to the Memphremagog MRC at
Due to the time frame given by the MRC for the submission of briefs by the public and the technical nature of the briefs, they were prepared in French only.