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2017 Election Commentary, North Hatley

FANHCA would like to congratulate all candidates in the 2017 North Hatley Municipal Election. Much effort went into the campaign, issues were strongly discussed and the results show that nearly half those who voted were looking for change.

The widest margin between candidates was 59% to 41%, the narrowest 51% to 49%. There were 551 eligible voters for this election and, on average, 158 of the 359 people who did vote supported candidates who had not been members of the previous council, and a minimum 46% of voters supported at least two non-incumbent candidates.

Important questions regarding the future of the town were asked in a questionnaire circulated to all twelve candidates (one later withdrew) on October 8, the results of which were published on October 23. Unfortunately, of all the incumbent councillors, only one chose to respond.

It should be stressed that this was no landslide, and we trust that the councillors who have been re-elected will realize that citizens expect it not to be business as usual at Town Hall.

There must not be a return to the silent, secretive ways of the previous administration. There must never be another fiasco like the last-minute meeting to issue a demolition permit for a heritage building in the heart of our town. The long-planned demolition bylaw must be passed without delay, and it must have teeth.

In an interview published by FANHCA on August 9, 2017, Mayor Page commented enthusiastically on the need to upgrade the so-called Town Square – the Grist Mill, Marina and Mill Street area – and the need to provide shops, services and activities, pedestrian areas, focal points and other attractions. The mayor also acknowledged the need for a vision for the future. More than an electioneering stance, this commitment must be carried forward into his new term of office.

The committees of Council must be respected in their deliberations and recommendations. The residents and property owners of the town – all of them, whatever their citizenship and whatever their residence, newcomers as well as long-time residents, seniors as well as young families – must all be consulted on a regular basis on decisions affecting the future of the town.

We are a small town of some 650 people; surely attempts can, must and will be made and structures put in place to ensure decisions are taken based on consensus, and on the input of fully-informed citizens. We cannot return to the norm of simply ‘fulfilling the legal obligations’ of office but, instead, council must make every attempt to be open, transparent and responsive.

The results of the election show that the town is deeply divided. Rather than exacerbating these divisions, Council should make every attempt to overcome them and to arrive at solutions to the benefit and satisfaction of the vast majority of all who live in North Hatley.

Brian Merrett and Paul St-Pierre, with thanks to Jane Meagher

Election results are available here :

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Municipal Council Candidate Questionnaire

Le questionnaire ci-dessous a été envoyé aux candidats pour lesquels nous avions une adresse courriel.

Pour une liste des candidat(e)s, veuillez aller ici….

FANHCA Election Questionnaire – Francais
Cher candidats, chères candidates aux élections municipales de North Hatley du 5 novembre 2017.

Friends Amis North Hatley (FANHCA) croit que la transparence et la bonne communication entre les élu(e)s et les citoyen(ne)s sont essentielles pour qu’il existe des échanges réussis, productifs et harmonieux pour l’avenir de notre village.

Pour aider les électeurs/électrices à prendre des décisions éclairées en comprenant mieux les intentions et les objectifs des candidat(e)s qui souhaitent se faire élire ou réélire le 5 novembre, et en fonction des problèmes actuels à North Hatley, FANHCA a demandé à un certain nombre de citoyens et de citoyennes de formuler des questions pourvous.

S’il vous plaît, répondez aux questions suivantes de manière concise, en une ou deux phrases en fournissant votre réponse et une brève élaboration, et envoyez votre réponse à [email protected] d’ici le mercredi 18 octobre 2017.

FANHCA vous remercie au nom des citoyens pour votre aimable participation.

1 – Le projet Laliberté et les assurances de qualité

a – Si un projet dans la zone d’inondation devenaitpossible, seriez-vous prêt(e) à voter que l’on retourne au promoteurpour lui demander de présenter une alternative à son projet,plus limitée en envergure et respectueuse de l’environnement?

b–Est-ce que vous appuieriez des efforts pour construire des types de logements qui attireraient de jeunes familles à North Hatley?

2 – Vision et avenir

a – Quels changementsaimeriez-vous voir à North Hatley?

b – Êtes-vous prêt(e) à travailler pour créer une vision d’une future « Place du village [Town Square]», dans la zone préconisée pour le travail des étudiants en 2012?

3 – Dette et financement

a – Quelles incitatifs pouvez-vous offrir, en plus du développement du centre-ville proposé, pour attirer les entreprises et les résidents à North Hatley?

b – Avez-vous des alternatives viables pour réduire la dette?

4 – Consultation publique et transparence

a – Êtes-vous prêt(e) à inviter les citoyen(ne)s à participer ou à observer une partie de la réunion de travail du conseil?

b – Êtes-vous prêt(e)à amorcer des séances d’information et des discussions avec des citoyen(ne)s avant l’approbation de tous les grands projets?

5 – Vos objectifs

a – Quelle est votre priorité n ° 1 pour NorthHatley?

The following questionnaire was sent to all the candidates for whom we had an email address

For a list of Candidates for Council, Click Here

FANHCA Election Questionnaire – English

Dear Candidates for the November 5, 2017, North Hatley municipal election.

Friends Amis North Hatley (FANHCA) believes that transparency and good communication between elected representatives and the citizens are key to successful, productive and harmonious exchanges to the benefit of the future of our village.

To help voters make informed decisions by better understanding the intentions and goals of candidates seeking election or re-election on November 5th, and based on current and ongoing issues in North Hatley, a number of citizens were asked by FANHCA to provide questions for our candidates.

Please would you answer the following questions concisely in one or two sentences, providing your response and a brief elaboration to each. Please would you return your answers to [email protected] by October 18, 2017.

FANHCA thanks you on behalf of the citizens for your kind participation.

1 -The Laliberté project and quality assurances

a – Should a project in the flood zone become viable, are you prepared to vote to go back to the developer and ask him to present a scaled-back, environmentally-responsible alternative to his plan?

b – Would you promote efforts to build types of housing that would attract young families to settle in North Hatley?

2 – Vision and the future

a – What changes do you want to see in North Hatley?

b – Are you prepared to work towards creating a vision of a future “Town Square”, the area defined for the student work in 2012?

3 – Debt and financing

a – What incentives can you offer in addition to the proposed downtown development to attract businesses and residents to North Hatley?

b – Do you have viable alternatives for reducing the debt?

4 – Public consultation and transparency

a – Are you prepared to invite citizens to participate in a part of the council’s work-meetings and / or to be observers at work meetings?

b – Are you prepared to initiate information sessions and discussions with citizens prior to approval for all major projects?

5 – Your goals

a – What is your #1 priority for North Hatley?