My New North Hatley – J. S.

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We are a family of five that moved to North Hatley 1.5 years ago from Montreal.  Covid allowed us to make the move since my husband could work fully from home.  I moved my small business to North Hatley.  I own a personal training and fitness studio here in the village called Studio Vie.

My kids are 17, 15 and 12.  The transition to North Hatley has been pretty seamless since we are an outdoorsy, active family.  We love sports, nature and big open spaces.

My husband and I fell in love with beautiful North Hatley many years ago but never had the opportunity to make the move to the country.  We love North Hatley for its beauty and how peaceful it is.  

We as a family value the need for community support not only for the older generation but for the younger generations now living here.  We can’t help but notice how many young couples and families have moved here. 

It’s important to have updated installations to offer activities for kids including the beach house at the Municipal Beach for swimming, sailing lessons & hangout spaces, tennis courts, soccer nets, baseball field (which is being fixed up), skating rink etc.  

Community is especially an important aspect of my studio since I specialize in pre and postnatal fitness and love creating a strong mom community for example.  

We have the opportunity to create a close knit community here in North Hatley where the young and old come together.  

We believe it’s important to build a North Hatley that can support young families with much needed services and activities all while continuing to support the older generation and their needs.

  • Jana Sedivec 

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  1. Jana …. welcome to North Hatley and I agree with your vision and would believe most do.


  2. Thank you Jana for sharing your feedback as a new family in town. I hope people will read it and improve their views accordingly. Your letter was well written and expresses a lot of the familys views.

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