My New North Hatley – When There’s a Will, There’s a Way

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In August, 2020, as the pandemic was taking over, in response to a request from one resident, a number of North Hatley citizens wrote about their histories, their concerns and their visions for the future of our village. These texts were posted on Fanhca.  (Use our 🔎 tool to search for ‘My North Hatley’) 

Pre-pandemic, North Hatley was being envisioned as a retirement community with dedicated seniors’ housing. Covid updated that as energetic newcomers from various urban bases were drawn into our community. They relocated here, bringing their concepts and projects to expand and rejuvenate village life. 

As well, during the pandemic, citizens who attended the meetings for a ten-year village vision shared strong discussions and Zoom chats about eco-awareness and our responsibility for North Hatley’s natural surroundings. There was also agreement on the need to attract young families and to offer them services and affordable housing.

Fed up with noisy trucks, but also with loud boats  and motorcycles, participants supported the need to establish year-round, non-motorized recreational activities based in the core of the village. And they unanimously agreed on the need to protect our history and architectural heritage as we envisioned a sustainable future for North Hatley.

To ensure that the welcome influx of de-urbanizers don’t reverse their decisions to stay, what encouragement can we offer? Do we suggest public-private projects that combine their interest and skills with a municipal plan to move our village forward?

Fanhca would like to hear from our newcomers. As a recently-arrived individual or couple, please tell us about My New North Hatley: why did you come here and when did you arrive? How you see our community evolving and what might you contribute?

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Between now and May 16th, please send your text in English or French (or both) by email. We will assess and publish as is, on receipt.

Thank you!

Team Fanhca

(Brian Merrett and Louise Moses)