Lettres Jean Eudes Guy

With Jean-Eudes Guy’s permission, I think you may be interested to read an attached letter that he had sent to the North Hatley Municipal Council recently. The letter was submitted in French and I have included Jean-Eudes’ English translation. I think his balanced and thoughtful comments provide a useful context within which to consider the Laliberte Development Project. Jean-Eudes is a retired architect and was a homeowner in North Hatley for 29 years up until 2010. He and his wife, Mary Martha, continue to rent in North Hatley in summer.

Mindful of the upcoming Public Information Open House meetings at the NH Community Center on August 24 and 30, Jean-Eudes also forwarded his letters to The Sherbrooke Record and La Tribune last week.

Steve Stafford

Jean-Eudes Guy Lettre (FR)

Jean-Eudes Guy Letter(EN)