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News from Dec. 21, 2015 Town Council meeting

Here’s the news from last night’s Town Council meeting, mostly on the budget but with some information about the PPU.

According to the Town Manager, the PPU and the Plan de gestion (MRC) have been more or less finalized, and the PPU is in the hands of the lawyer (Veilleux) so that he can make the final necessary adjustments. The Town Manager said he expects the PPU to be presented in February or March.
As far as the budget goes, taxes are expected to increase by 140$ on an evaluation of 300 000$. The building inspector will become full time (presently he works four days a week). Danielle Gauvin is retiring and will be replaced by someone whose salary is likely to be higher.
In terms of the next three years, the following expenses are planned:
500 000 $ for the Marina (paid through a grant, or by a long-term lease; even privatization was mentioned)
250 000 $ for improvements to the Federal dock
200 000 $ to winterize the pavilion on Lake Road
100 000 $ for lights in River Park
A permanent structure is planned for River Park, so that people can have food stalls …
Whether any of these planned ‘improvements’ to North Hatley can be afforded, or are needed, is open to question.
Paul St-Pierre