A Dream for North Hatley/Un rêve pour North hatley

Ce lien renvoie à un article de Tom Wilcox sur son rêve pour North Hatley. Veuillez cliquer sur le lien. “Je propose tout cela non pas parce que je pense que tout cela peut arriver, mais comme un exemple de ce qu’un processus de planification ouvert, créatif et inclusif pourrait inclure.”

This Link is to an article by Tom Wilcox on his dream for North Hatley. Please click on the link. “I offer all this not because I think any of it may happen, but as an example of what an open, creative and inclusive planning process could include.”

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Brian Merrett
Brian Merrett
1 month ago

Considering the points made in the series Visioning for a Strategic Plan regarding both the restricted town footprint as well as the need for environmental awareness, what might be a logical first step would be the creation of a new county – Canton de Massawippi – that would be defined by the watershed of Lake Massawippi. But whether it be a boundary or simply a mutual goal, the communities surrounding the lake must work together to protect, maintain and promote awareness of the lake’s ecosystems.
Environmentalist Karl Forrest Ehrlich, Ph.D., writes, “The goal of eco-tourism sounds great. It’s the details that count. Too many people still focus on growth rather than sustainability. ‘Sustainable development’ is an oxymoron. Development equates to growth. Growth is not sustainable on a finite planet. The world is full of all sorts of examples of over-population, growth and climate change. We need a sustainable planet, sustainable societies, sustainable agriculture, sustainable industries… It would be nice to be part of a community that valued sustainability and that set an example.”
In North Hatley our ecosystems are under severe threat. From spills from a crashed aircraft to the exhaust of heavy, wake-producing motorboats and flippant jet-skis, the Diesel-powered demolition of buildings and trashed trees, from speeding, engine-braking trucks and roaring motorcycles to over-salted roads, gas-powered brooms, leaf-blowers, mowers and chainsaws.
It’s time to step up and take responsibility.