“It’s not a done deal” – Mayor Michael Page in The Sherbrooke Record, 13 January 2017.



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One thought on ““It’s not a done deal” – Mayor Michael Page in The Sherbrooke Record, 13 January 2017.”

  1. One more for the condo project in North Hatley
    PUBLISHED FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2017 TO 17 H 26
    The condo project in North Hatley challenged Richard Laliberté sponsor must be in a flood zone.
    The condo project in North Hatley challenged Richard Laliberté sponsor must be in a flood zone. Photo: CBC
    MRC Memphremagog has obtained a favorable opinion from Quebec to change its plan to the floodplain of the Massawippi River, an opinion that may well advance the disputed project of 230 condos in North Hatley.

    A text Christine Bureau

    Without changing the management plan of the MRC, impossible for the municipality to proceed with rezoning will allow the promoter Richard Laliberté to go ahead with his project.

    The MRC was able to convince Quebec that changes to the plan are sufficient to prevent flood risk in the area where the project is to be erected, which must take place alongside Inter-Faith Church, before the lake .

    There will be, among others, the dechanneling Kezar creek and the land will be backfilled.

    The area will keep his title of flood zone, but it will become “immune” suggests the Prefect of the MRC Memphremagog, Jacques Demers.

    It is completely immune because water, where it ascended, is to be controlled and can not get to the point where there will be the building.

    Jacques Demers, Prefect of the MRC Memphremagog
    The mayor of North Hatley, Michael Page, welcomed “with open arms” the positive opinion given to the MRC.

    “Departments who studied the file even said it was going to make an improvement in the flood zone. […] It is the same [Quebec] who will pay the permit to improve that area, with the famous Kezar Creek, which is the one that works evil, “he enthuses.

    The shores of Lake Massawippi, where condos Richard Laliberté promoter must be erected.
    The banks of Lake Massawippi, where condos promoter Richard Laliberté be erected. Photo: CBC
    Another consultation

    The fate of the project however is not yet sealed. The MRC must hold a public consultation on April 13 before Quebec gives final approval.

    Once past these stages, the municipality will go ahead with his rezoning request and present its particular urban plan, which must oversee the plan sponsor.

    It was during this consultation that opponents will try to convince elected officials to reduce the number of storeys, for example, or changing the number of units.

    The group of opponents to the project, Action North Hatley, also intends to maintain the mobilization.

    The group’s founder, Michael Grayson, always denounced the project size and shows little convinced by the work done by the MRC. He believes that the floods will still take place in the sector.

    It is a safety valve. It is a lake escape route when the lake is too high. When the lake is angry, he passes by.

    Michael Grayson, founder Action North Hatley
    The real estate project is $ 50 million. It is the sponsor who will pay for the work to be carried out in the flood zone.

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